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Dunaways 93 speedway

Rules for the v-8

Welcome to 93 Speedway
Rules for the 4 cylinders and v-6
Rules for the v-8
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V-8 rules are...

tires 8 inch and down. street tires only. NO Mud tires and NO racing tires.
 If you want beadlock only have it on the right side.
Must have a 4 point cage.
Headers are okay. Stock alum intakes are okay but no high rises
No holleys- no elderbrocks. 
Quadra Jet carbs for a chevy
 motorcraft for ford etc
No 400 Ci or strokers
Racing noses are aok to have
Stock appearing
VACCUM-12" and up
 we will tech the top 4 purestock cars
 and no exceptions stock is stock
we now allow skyline motor rules but we still allow fuel injected v-8s and mustangs that dont have over 100 in wheel base

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