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Dunaways 93 speedway

Track rules

Welcome to 93 Speedway
Rules for the 4 cylinders and v-6
Rules for the v-8
Track rules
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Special event race

The races will start in the turns of 3 and 4 coming out of 4. Restarts will happen here also. If the flagger blackflags you, you must get off the track. You can cause up to 3 cautions till your blackflagged. No beating and banging rubbing is racing but only to a point. If you cause the caution you go to the tail of the pact. IF you wreck someone you go to the tail of the pact. If you are wrecked and your tire is popped u have 2 courtesy laps to get back on the track in the feature.

If you do not help run the track in you will go to the tail. We draw pills for the starting lineup at the gate. The heat u will run in  will be posted on a chalkboard in the pits it will have your running order and everything.   

All Cars must have at least a 4 point cage and a harness
You may come out and practice any day of the week for free. If you want a load of water its 10 dollars

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